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Monthly Musings

  • Cared For

    Valentines Day is just a few days away and I’ve been thinking….

     What are my intentions towards you ladies?

    What do I want my jewelry to do for you?

    Mean to you? 

    Working with a coach over the past few months has prompted me to think about the purpose of my business more than ever before. It all started out...


  • "Should" - January 2022

    January 12th, 2022


    I’m deleting the word “should” from my vocabulary. I “should” be excited and energized in the New Year. I should already have my taxes done. I should be part of a group fitness challenge. 

  • December 2021


    I’m drawn to the unexpected contrast. I love when the purest 24k gold is battered and rustic, glowing richly in its simplicity. I’m overjoyed seeing that humble glass once adorned the jewelry of some long lost prince. I find joy in these playful surprises, the balance of contrast endlessly fascinating.

    Looking closely, I see these patterns in my own life...