"Should" - January 2022

I’m deleting the word “should” from my vocabulary. I “should” be excited and energized in the New Year. I should already have my taxes done. I should be part of a group fitness challenge. I should eat healthy all the time and I should get enough sleep. I should limit my screentime more. I should… I should… I should…


I’m done falling into the trap of “should.” 


Instead, I’m going to honor where I’m at. I’m going to stop comparing myself to other women and my business to other businesses. Some women were ready to jump into 2022 in stilettos with bad-bitch energy, (come on, we all know the reel audio.) Some of us started the year with bleary eyes and head colds, snow days and broken printers. Some of us have teams, helping us build content and products, ready to launch a fully developed Valentines collection on January 8th. I don’t know about your team, but my “team” loves Daniel Tiger and threw up in my car last week. No stilettos in sight. Maybe some of these businesses are truly run by Wonder Women, who did it solo and have unflagging energy. Cheers to you ladies, I’m impressed and inspired by you. But I’m not comparing your life and mine, your business and mine. We’re each running our own marathon.


This January, I’m focusing on the little triumphs. There isn’t a massive holiday approaching giving me permission and expectations to celebrate, (yes, I know Valentine’s Day, but meh…) I’m going to choose my celebrations. I find the most beautiful Pomegranates at the grocery store? I choose to celebrate by making Pomegranate Cheesecake and lighting candles while we eat it. My daughter gets all A’s on her report card? Sounds like a reason for a celebratory run to Sweetwater Donuts. The sun is out today? I’ll wear my favorite cashmere sweater and shining Hello Sunshine earrings in my ears. This month, I choose to find small bright moments and elevate them to extraordinary. 


Maybe my do-lists this month are smaller than the graph-paper monoliths of November, but that’s a good thing. I’m aiming for a balanced life, so I have to look at the bigger picture. This January, I will work and I will rest and I will cook and I will errand and I will walk with my dogs and I will refuse to feel guilty that I’m doing these things. So much of the year is a sprint. I will take this time at a slower pace, reminding myself every day, that I will still end up everywhere I need to be. 





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