Frequently Asked Questions

What’s 14k Gold Filled? Is that the same as 14k Gold? Wait 14k, that’s solid gold. Pure gold, right?
There’s a lot of confusion about these terms, so let’s have a little metal smithing lesson, ok?
To start, here are the basics about Gold
24 karat Gold = 24 parts pure Gold
(Try not to be confused with “karat” vs “carat” which is a unit of measure used to weight gemstones.)
In 24k gold, all 24 parts are gold. It is gorgeous, bright, vibrant glowing gold. It doesn't tarnish, it doesn't age, it's magical. Imagine King Tutt’s tomb? Yeah, that. The downside is that it's too soft for most normal daily jewelry wear. It dings, it scuffs, it doesn't hold a high polish. It burnishes to a rosy beautiful, rich gold color, but you have to like that worn-in ancient look. 
14 karat gold is the modern era’s solution. It’s a balance between rich gold color and durability. 
14K Gold = 14k parts pure Gold + 10 parts other metals like Silver, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, etc.
   There are Hundreds of different alloys, or formulas, that make 14 karat gold. You've heard about Rose gold or Green gold? Those are different recipes to yield different colors of metal suitable for jewelry.  Even beyond that, there are many different recipes that result in 14 karat gold. Lots of variety allowed in those 10 parts! That's why you can have two different pieces of jewelry stamped 14K but with slightly different colors. It doesn't mean one is more or less valuable, just a different recipe. 
18k Gold is the most common karat gold available between 14k and pure 24k. 18k Gold = 18 parts Gold + 6 parts alloy or other metals. (An alloy is a mix of metals) Sometime you will see 18K Gold stamped as 750 (750/1000 or 75% gold)
Why am I telling you all this? Well mostly because I’m a metalsmith nerd but also, it’s a pretty simple concept that isn’t commonly taught. Learning about the metals in your jewelry helps you make informed choices about purchases and care. 

Ok, so Notions of Lovely is handcrafted 14k Gold Fill Jewelry. What is Gold Fill?

Gold Filled or Gold Fill Jewelry is a durable, economical alternative to solid 14 karat Gold. 14k Gold Fill is like a gold sandwich, two sheets of gold “bread” with a layer of Jeweler’s brass in between. 
Unlike Gold Plated jewelry, the layer of gold in Gold Fill jewelry will not wear off with normal wear. Avoid heavy abrasives (like sandpaper) to preserve the life of your Gold Fill jewelry…. Actually, let's apply that “no sandpaper rule” to all your jewelry! Different grits of sandpaper and abrasives are used in the finishing process of all metal jewelry. Without proper jewelers’ training, you can seriously damage your jewelry with a handful of sandpaper.
Gold Filled Jewelry is often stamped with 14/20 or 1/20 14K. This means that the piece is 1/20 or 5% Gold by weight. This layer of gold is significantly thicker than on gold plated jewelry and is fused to the layer underneath. Gold Filled jewelry can last a lifetime with proper care. Gold Fill jewelry is water safe and does not tarnish, just like solid gold. 

What’s the big difference between wearing solid 14k Gold vs wearing 14k Gold Fill?

A thin, stackable 14k Gold Fill band would sell for $24.
The same band in 14k Gold would sell for $120
The same band in 24k Gold would sell for $300 and would smoosh into a lump the first time you wore it while washing dishes. 
And the Gold Fill band would look and wear the same as the 14k Gold one.
So I choose Gold Fill, it feels like a great choice for gorgeous, quality everyday jewelry.

Will this turn my finger green? Will it flake or peel?

No. The surface of Gold Fill jewelry is a thick layer of 14k Gold. It is fused to the layer of Jewelers Brass underneath and will not flake or peel with normal wear. 

Is it hypoallergenic? I have sensitive skin

Yes! 14k Gold Fill is great for sensitive skin and ears. I use hypoallergenic silicone earrings backs for durability and comfort as opposed to the traditional metal tension back. If your ears are comfortable wearing 14k Gold, you should be comfortable with 14k Gold Fill. That said, every body is different and extreme sensitivities can occur. Some styles can be made with titanium or surgical steel posts on special request.
All Notions of Lovely jewelry is Nickel Free. 

 Where can I buy Notions of Lovely jewelry?

You can purchase Notions of Lovely jewelry online at www.notionsoflovely.com as well as in person at Artist Markets and Festivals in and around West Michigan. Click on “Upcoming Events” to see the Notions of Lovely Calendar of Events. 
Notions of Lovely is also sold at Found Natural Goods in Bend, Oregon, alongside the work of many other talent maker friends.

What does “Made to Order” mean?

As an Artisan small business, I keep a small supply of handcrafted jewelry made and ready to ship or to sell at in-person events. Made to Order means that when you place your order, I make the jewelry specifically for you!

How long will it take to get my order?

Most jewelry ships 1-2 weeks after you place your order unless otherwise noted in the item description. Lead time on custom orders depends on the complexity of design and availability of materials. Timelines for custom orders will be decided on a case by case basis. 
NOTE: The global pandemic has affected the supply chain in endless and often unpredictable ways. The jewelry industry is comprised of unique and specialized manufacturing facilities all over the world. I have done my best to anticipate the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and safeguard my supplies against shortage. I’ve done by best, but am only human.

Do you do wedding stuff?

I do! Most couples have a specific creative vision for their wedding, so Notions of Lovely Bridal jewelry is mostly custom. I would love to discuss your creative vision and help adorn you (and your bridal party) for your special day! I am delighted to offer a complementary 30 minute virtual consultation to discuss your wedding day adornments. Kindly email notionsoflovely@gmail.com to schedule your virtual consultation.
 Take a look at the stunning Bloom wedding featured on The Knot! Notions of Lovely created the Bride's Earrings, Headpiece, Veil & Bracelet as well as a Silver Cuff Bracelet for the Groom. The Bridal Party received custom Earrings and Bracelets as gifts from the happy couple. 
Notions of Lovely designs make fantastic gifts and keepsakes. If you see a Notions of Lovely design that speaks to you and your wedding wishes, order away! Be sure to email me at notionsoflovely@gmail.com and let me know of any important dates and deadlines regarding your order. 

Who makes Notions of Lovely Jewelry?

That’s me! I’m Marie, the maker and metalsmith Notions of Lovely. I make all of your jewelry myself here in Michigan. 

Where is it made?

I make all handcrafted Notions of Lovely jewelry from my home studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

How long have you been making jewelry?

As long as I can remember! I’ve always loved jewelry. When I was small, I would spend hours sorting my Mom’s jewelry box, carefully untangling chains and necklaces. Looking back, it was like doing a puzzle, only shinier!
Career-wise, I decided that I wanted to be a jeweler in high school and pursued a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Northern Michigan University. I’ve worked for fine jewelry stores in sales, design, and antique jewelry restoration. I worked for a Bronze sculpture restoration company and spent 4 years designing for a well known fashion jewelry company. My designs have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine. 
I came up with the idea for Notions of Lovely in 2009, although I had many starts and stops throughout my twenties. I walked away from jewelry fully for almost five years after damaging my hands. In 2018, I stepped back into my role as jeweler, designer and owner of Notions of Lovely and haven’t looked back. 

Do you ever work in Sterling Silver?

I’m happy to create many Notions of Lovely designs in Sterling Silver if that is your desire. If there is a piece you love and would like to order it in Silver, please email me at notionsoflovely@gmail.com and I will let you know if it is possible. I work mostly in Gold Fill as a matter of preference and popularity, I love the gleam of gold against my skin. All Notions of Lovely Sterling Silver is 92.5% Pure Silver & 7.5% Copper. This is the universal standard for 925 Sterling Silver, which was made official by Tiffany & Co. in 1851. 

Can I order this in solid 14k Gold?

Yes! I’m happy to create custom pieces in solid 14k Gold in a client prefers it. All 14k Gold custom orders require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed.

How do Returns & Refunds work?

If you are unhappy with your Notions of Lovely purchase when it arrives, please reach out to notionsoflovely@gmail.com so we can figure out a solution.
 Undamaged merchandise can be returned and refunded within 10 days of delivery. Shipping costs are not eligible for a refund. 
Customer orders are handcrafted specifically for you, after a process of sketches, revisions and design approval. Custom items are not eligible for returns.

Still have a question?

I’m here to help! Feel free to email your question to notionsoflovely@gmail.com and we can chat!